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The social club for 50+ singles in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire
A warm welcome
A boost to your social life
A wide variety of events
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The GoodLife is an informal social club for 50+ singles who want to boost their social life, make new friends and enjoy a range of activities. The club was established in 1982 and is non-profit making.

We are always keen to extend a warm welcome to new single members. Although we’re not a dating agency we do have a number of couples who have met through the club and remained members because of the lasting friendships they’ve developed. Many of our single members like the relaxed, easy-going ethos this creates. We don’t recruit existing couples into the club.

We offer the opportunity to socialise with –

  • People from a variety of backgrounds and with varying interests to share
  • People who are friendly and supportive, for example, you can often travel with someone to and from events
  • A membership with a fairly equal gender balance.

We meet informally every Tuesday evening at The Plough and Harrow pub in Harpenden to socialise and catch up with planned events. We encourage members to suggest events. Their ideas are put to the committee, who decide and publicise the programme.

We have over 100 other events a year, all over Hertfordshire – and beyond. We have something on every week, often two events a week. This means you shouldn’t ever have to be on your own at the weekend!